The Four-Phase Feminine Way – By Jane Hardwicke Collings

Introducing Maga – An Evolution from the Triple Goddess
The Triple Goddess of ancient times lives on, as relevant today as She was in the matriarchal cultures of ‘prehistory’ (before 1000BC). She is the Maiden/Mother/Crone – Persephone/Demeter/Hecate. These three phases of a woman’s life were seen to be reflected in the Earth’s seasons: Maiden – Spring; Mother – Summer and Autumn; Crone – Winter. Each phase, or season, of a woman’s life has a rite of passage that sets its theme and gives her information about how her particular culture values her new role and what is expected of her.

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  • earthisourmother84 Earth is Our Mother by Monica Sjoo

The Vision of the Motherworld – by Kathy Jones

This vision of the Motherworld is inspired by the Lady of Avalon, Great Goddess of love, compassion, healing and transformation on the Sacred Isle of Avalon. The Motherworld is the society where mothers and the values of mothering – love, care and support for each other, and for our Mother Earth and all Her creatures and nature – are placed in the centre of our lives, rather than being left out on the periphery.
The Motherworld is the society in which creative and life-affirming values, actions, insights and awareness are honored and encouraged in women, men and children. It is the […]

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Our beautiful conference – by Anique Radiant Heart

Since time out of mind, women have been gathering.
We’ve been gathering together at the river bank to wash, often singing while we work; gathering together to make food – often singing as we work; gathering together to look after sick children or the elders – often chanting prayers as we worked; gathering together to make art – always singing as we worked; and gathering in the Temple, to create ritual, to officiate at special ceremonies linked to special sacred days in the year, and to celebrate and honour the feminine Divine in all Her many manifestations. And there, in […]

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