Healing Offerings

Krystal Rains

Ancestral Trauma Heart Chakra Healing

My goal is to get Ancestral Trauma blockages out of your way, so you can do more work…our wounded heart is often the source of those blockages. Being the bridge chakra, I actually have access to root patterns in all the chakras to clear the resistance to more healing and connection. This can be done with your own modalities or future work with me.
Opening sacred space, talking, opening your chakras, sometimes there will be mineral spirits that step up to help with the work, rattling to loosen the energy, feathers and Florida water to clear the problems. Sound and incense, remove the last lingering residue and bring in love and clarity.These are the basic steps involved in my healing process.
Krystal Rains; artist, herbalist, healer, Ced Trad Craft witchcraft & shamanic practitioner.  Focused on Healing Ancestral Legacy Trauma, using Q’ero Shamanism, Reiki & other modalities learned on her path.

Chief Windwalker


Chief Windwalker is a third generation Medicine Woman/Shaman taught by her grandmother’s mothers clan.  Her mother’s tribe is Mic-Mac and her father’s tribe is Cherokee and Lenape.

Through herbal remedies and full body work (also known as massage) the Medicine Women/Shamans would take the dis-ease out of the body primarily through the hands and feet.  Also at the same time, heal the client mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for future growth. Chief Windwalker will be offering a limited number of personal healings as well as her 3 hour fringe workshop on Thursday September 12th.


Sandra Roman

Grail Womb Healing and Blessing

Private Sessions

The Grail Blessing is a system of vibrational therapies, which combines the energies of Mother Moon and Avalon, focused on the healing of the Feminine Wound.

Why to receive a Grail Womb Blessing and Healing?

When you need…

  • Feel whole and grateful for being alive in a feminine body
  • Heal the wounds of feminine persecution imprinted in your aura,
  • Clear patterns of suffering and limitation from your feminine lineage
  • Transform mechanisms of self-sabotage
  • Restore your inner Goddess Sovereignty
  • Expand and be present in the radiance of your soul
  • Have a direct experience and revelation of the Divine Mother Presence in your life.

These private sessions are especially supportive if you experience:

  • Physical illness in the womb
  • Infertility, pregnancy troubles or loss
  • Sexual trauma
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Ancestral lineage wounding
  • Feeling depleted and overwhelmed
  • Imbalanced menstrual cycles
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Blockages in your creative expression
  • Weak sense of life purpose

In our sessions together, you will be able to speak and feel in a safe and holy healing space.