The Goddess Is Rising!

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We live in an amazing time.

Our technological advances give us massive possibilities for transforming our lives and the planet itself. It is intriguing that much of what science has discovered about life on Earth echoes the practices of ancient indigenous wisdom. We have been misguided by the patriarchal concept of dominion over Mother Earth which has brought us to the brink of destruction of our planet… destruction of the waters… the air… and everything that lives and breathes. Our Indigenous brothers and sisters, who have carried forward the ancient traditions of partnering with the Earth, are on the scientific forefront of what we must remember and embrace.

In addition, our extreme advances in communication has made the world a much smaller place and given us access to international engagement. At the same time, the rise of social media has led to an obsession with communication devices at the expense personal connection. This disconnect has led to a painful isolation creating despair and feelings of alienation. It is time to come full circle and integrate our ancient wisdom and individual ancestral memories with the power of our technological advances in order to unite our energies on behalf of healing the Earth and each other. Given the resistance we face, we must be fierce! We must channel our righteous anger into a fierce commitment and dedication to action and activism. We have seen this activism at work at #StandingRock, the #Women’sMarch, #MarchforOurLives, the Women’s Wall of Protest in India and in the stunning women identified movements worldwide.

In remembering our own ancestral wisdom, in honouring the Primordial Mothers, who are the personification of nature, motherhood, fertility, creation and destruction, and in reclaiming all the ancient traditions still practiced, we can transform our fears, frustration and anger into a laser sharp instrument for healing and positive change.

We must remember how it was… and how it could be again. At Goddess Spirit Rising we shall explore many Primordial Mothers and dive into the Well of Remembering.

Through connection we create community.

Through community we create hope.

Through hope we create love.

Through love all things are possible.

Come and celebrate Goddess with us in Her potent Mother aspect. Join us in song and dance, poetry and story, discourse and sharing.


Our intention is to pass on a legacy of Goddess Spirituality to the next generation.

We seek to honor our diversity, the beauty of Her children and our collective contributions to a world built on community, mutuality and reverence for She Who Is All.

Join presenters from all over the world who have committed to sharing their wisdom in this magical, heart-opening and transformational celebration in a natural setting. We have gathered a collection of herstorical figures once again, to give us all the opportunity to connect. Together, we will be journeying through ceremony, workshops, dance, music, art, feasting and so much more.

 We will take the Rainbow Bridge that reaches all around the globe.

Add your presence, your voice, your dance, your art and your wisdom.

For a truly transformational and heart-opening experience, attend all four days!

Watch The Montage Video.

Please join us for the fourth herstoric California Goddess Conference, Goddess Spirit Rising 2019.

Our location, American Jewish University, nestled in the scenic Hills of Southern California, is the cauldron in which we gather for this momentous occasion. All of nature is just a step outside your door. Enjoy the convenience of having tasty meals prepared for you. There is no work duty, and there are no dishes to do. The camp’s staff does it all.

Watch Judy Piazza’s The Goddess is Rising

Come and share four days of powerfully sacred and transformative workshops and rituals, lead by inspirational presenters and musicians from all over the world.

Get your Diva on to Goddess inspired musicians! Entertainment will include a variety of Goddess music and musical performances, including ritual drums, to stir the ancient-self awake!

Experience Sister by Anique Radiant Heart

Check back often to see the keepers of Herstory for this year.

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For our conference – The Primordial Mother:  “She Unsheathes Her Claws in Ferocious Protection”. Join us as we dive into the Well of Remembering.

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September 12-15, 2019

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  • Experience ritual and community

  • Listen to music

  • Dance and Drum beneath the stars

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  • Take nature walks

  • Rest and relax, swim and sunbathe

  • Experience community and new friendships

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