The Goddess Is Rising!



Mission Statement:

We live in tumultuous times.  There is a wave of progressivism sweeping the world; from China entering the free markets, to the Middle Eastern Spring, to a woman presidential candidate in the US, the globe is struggling toward greater connectivity and humanity. Despite the enormous resistance, the move toward recognition and support of our planet, our people and our environment is being felt universally. Now is the time we need to be at our most innovative, to be ready for the greatest changes, to be open to the new, the revolutionary ideas that will lead us into the future.  Join us at Goddess Spirit Rising 2017. Challenge yourself to encounter the Goddess as your most authentic self.  Avail yourself of the wisdom of the presenters. Use their knowledge to inspire your own expression of Divine Energy. Dip deep into the well of the Collective Unconscious and be present to the revelations that are there.  Come on wings of change. Bring your open heart, your sharp mind and your discernment.  Fly with us on the winds of transformation.

Our intention is to pass on a legacy of Goddess Spirituality to the next generation.

We seek to honor our diversity, the beauty of Her children and our collective contributions to a world built on community, mutuality and reverence for She Who Is All.

We will take the Rainbow Bridge that reaches all around the globe.

Join presenters from all over the world who have committed to sharing their perspectives on a global Goddess community for this magical, heart-opening and transformational celebration in a magical natural setting. We have gathered a collection of herstorical figures once again, to give us all the opportunity to connect with the Founding Mothers in this century. Together, we will be journeying through ceremony, workshops, dance, music, art, feasting and so much more.


Add your presence, your voice, your dance, your art and your wisdom.

For a truly transformational and heart-opening experience, attend all four days!

Watch The Montage Video.

Please join us for the third herstoric California Goddess Conference, Goddess Spirit Rising 2017.  We have gathered together an assembly of the most prolific and notable figures in Goddess Spirituality in the twenty first century.This is an amazing opportunity to study with, learn from and mingle with these icons.

Our new location, American Jewish University, nestled in the scenic Hills of Southern California, is the cauldron in which we gather for this momentous occasion. All of nature is just a step outside your door. Enjoy the convenience of having tasty meals prepared for you. There is no work duty, and there are no dishes to do. The camp’s staff does it all.

Watch Judy Piazza’s The Goddess is Rising

Come and share four days of powerfully sacred and transformative workshops and rituals, lead by inspirational presenters and musicians from all over the world.

Get your Diva on to Goddess inspired musicians! Entertainment will include a variety of Goddess music and musical performances, including ritual drums, to stir the ancient-self awake!

Experience Sister by Anique Radiant Heart


Check back often to see the keepers of Herstory for this year.



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For our third conference – “Earth Mother Wisdom – The Power of Devotion” we are returning to our Mother as Earth, going deep to explore the power of Divine connection through the body and heart.

Join US

September 12-15, 2019

    Become a part of Herstory:

  • Attend the workshops

  • Experience ritual and community

  • Listen to music

  • Dance and Drum beneath the stars

  • Shop with the vendors

  • Take nature walks

  • Rest and relax, swim and sunbathe

  • Experience community and new friendships


Presenter / Vendor Applications:

Spa Workers

Workshop Presenter/Performer