2019 Diviners


Zsuzsanna Budapest

Z Budapest will be offering a limited number of  private tarot card readings

To me Tarot is a book of symbols which serve  as a  vocabulary between the seen and the unseen worlds. I see my role as a interpreter  of symbols, and allowing my intuition lead the way.  I never lie about what i do see. I never say things to make you feel good or bad. I don’t try to manipulate you, but rather engage with you sister to sister. This kind of woman  to woman sacred work has been seen as threatening by Patriarchy .We dont need men to  translate the sacred to us, we carry the sacred in our bodies and souls.
 I also read for men. I see them as our sons, not the enemy. Males have a lot to learn to change their attitude towards their mothers and sisters. We need our good sons to use their voice against violence against women. Be a feminist !

Miri Hunter

The Queen of Sheba Oracle is a divination tool based on the myths and legends of the Queen of Sheba. Symbols, derived from the ancient Semitic language of Himyaritic, which pre-dates Arabic, Amharic and Hebrew, are used in a similar fashion to the Tarot.  Sources for this divination system include insights from ancient texts as well as from legends and traditions in East Africa and South Arabia.

Kathryn Ravenwood